Ceramic Coating

High-Performance Protection with Our Ceramic Coating

Your vehicle is an investment. At First Class Tint & Vinyl, we offer high-quality ceramic coatings that will assist with resisting scratches, corrosion, and oxidation. This is important so your paint will not fade or age due to UV protection in the coating. Ceramic coating is a chemical that is hardener built in that becomes temperature resistant, which means that the earthly elements like rain and sprinkler water that normally would causes bugs, dirt, tar, and brake dust will not eat away at the paint or cause any paint discoloration. To learn more or request an appointment for us to apply this to your vehicle, call us today.

Best Surface Protection for Your Vehicle

The minute you purchase your car, your paint begins to show signs of defects as soon as the first wash. Let First Class Tint & Vinyl help protect against natural elements by applying a high-quality ceramic coating to your vehicle. Your vehicle will maintain a high-gloss finish and be easy to clean. Your car will be the envy of your friends and neighbors! But more importantly, it will be protected to extend the life of your paint and protect your investment. Ask us further questions!

Additional Information

  • After completion of either a single step or multiple step paint correction, you can choose to protect the vehicle with a ceramic coating (paint correction required for ceramic coating application)
  • The main benefits of a ceramic coating are gloss retention and ease of cleaning (basically, the vehicle will look freshly polished and coated for a very long time and be very easy to clean compared to how it was before coating)
  • The vehicles exterior paint receives two coats of ceramic coating as well as the headlights/taillights, wheel faces, and windshield
  • Ceramic Pro offers several different warranty programs that can be chosen, they are: 2 year, 5 year, or 7 year warranty.